Business Brokers



Data Gathering

Thorough research report that spansĀ  industry outlook, local market indicators, earnings history & projections, macroeconomic influences, balance sheet & cash flow summaries and more.

In-Depth Analysis

CBI brings expertise to bring together the data and combine with its years of experience accurately provide an independent determination of what the assets are worth and how much earning power the business will have as a going concern.

Report Interpretation

Report findings, recommendation & implications

Often, when you're ready to sell the business or trying to get financing from a bank or an outside investor, an independent business valuation may be required. Or, if the business is distressed, pursing bankruptcy or probate proceedings, those businesses, too, will also require business valuations. CBI's team of experts and in-network providers can provide clients with certified business valuation and will share what the report means to you and your business.